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12StepRoom.org is a non-profit organization that provides resources and support for individuals struggling with addiction. The organization was looking to revamp its website to better serve its community by providing easier access to resources, creating an online forum for members to connect, and improving the overall user experience. The website needed to be fast-loading, responsive, and integrate a platform for members to communicate with each other.

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 The previous website needed to be updated and more user-friendly. The organization needed help to provide its members with easy access to resources and a platform to connect. The website could have been faster to load, which led to a better user experience.


The Kreativ Network worked closely with 12StepRoom.org to understand their business needs and goals. The team developed a custom website design that was modern, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. The website was built using a responsive design, ensuring it would look great on any device. The team also optimized the website for fast loading speeds, which helped to improve the overall user experience.

The Kreativ Network integrated the website with a forum platform to enable members to connect. This allowed members to easily share their experiences, connect with others, and support one another.

The website also included access to numerous AA tools and resources, such as meeting schedules, literature, and other helpful materials. This allowed the organization to better serve its community by providing easy access to essential resources.


The new website has been a significant success for 12StepRoom.org. The website has seen a substantial increase in traffic and engagement, boosting support for individuals struggling with addiction. The improved user experience and fast-loading speeds have also helped to improve the website’s search engine rankings. The integration of the forum platform has provided members with a platform to connect, share experiences, and provide support.

Overall, The Kreativ Network’s website development project has helped to modernize 12StepRoom.org’s online presence, better serve its community, and provide a platform for individuals struggling with addiction to connect.