7 Questions You Must Ask Before Building Your Website Workbook

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Before you build your website, you need to ask yourself a few important questions. Today’s world is digital, which means that having a website as an extension of your business is crucial to success.

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The Overview

Having a website is critical to being found. More than 85% of consumers use search engines daily. There are millions of searches for local businesses that provide a service or product that solves a problem or satisfies a need. Unfortunately, around 65% of small businesses either have an outdated website that does not appeal to their target audience or no website at all. Around 25% of website visitors are unable to find a business due to design and optimization issues. You need a website that is modern, optimized, attractive, engaging, and seen by potential customers. You want potential customers to find your website and then enjoy the experience of being on it, so they will stay or return for more!

7 tips workbook from Kreativ Network in persons hands

Number one

Create Objectives for Your Website

Your website should be tailored to serve the purposes you want it to. What objectives do you want to achieve? What is the purpose of your website? Is it to:

  • Blog

  • Distribute Content

  • Sell Items

  • Provide Services

  • Gather Leads

  • Provide Information

When you design your website to match a list of objectives, it creates a blueprint to build your website for success.

Computer showing Website Created by Kreativ Network
Computer showing Website Created by Kreativ Network

Number Two

What Systems Do You Need Integrated Into Your Site?

Is your business able to quickly adapt to changes? Your website can help you save money and make your sales process more efficient. You must determine if your website requires integration with certain technologies. While your options are limitless your websites true potential can be limited if you start building without a plan.

Man paying with credit card on mobile site

Credit Card Processing

CRM Data displayed on monitor


Online shopping cart

Shopping Cart

CMS system

Content Management Systems

Google Search results on iPad
Google Search results on iPad

Number Three

Is Your Site Content Search Engine Optimized?

An essential part of your website’s design is having content that is optimized for search engines (or SEO as it is called in digital marketing). This means that when a Google Bot searches for relevant information to answer queries from your target audience, it will be able to locate your website easily. When the bot finds your site, it will show it as a solution in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for your customers’ inquiries.

Number Four

Decide Which Type of site is best for you

You have already identified what you hope to accomplish with your website and who your target audience is, so now it’s time to decide if you should have a team create your site or if you should do it on your own with a DIY Builder. Both of these approaches have positives and negatives, and having thought through the aforementioned questions should assist you in deciding which approach is the best fit for your company.

Website displayed on macbook laptop
Website displayed on macbook laptop
Web Design employees colaborating

What does a web design company do?

When you employ a proficient group to carry out your website’s design, they will utilize tailor-made web languages to attain the appearance and atmosphere you desire.

Person building a website

What is a DIY Website Builder?

Companies like GoDaddy®, Wix®, and SquareSpace® provide a simple way to set up your own website. However, when you use these services, you won’t get a personalized design. Rather, you will use a pre-made template and fill in your company details.

Custom Coded Website graphic
Custom Coded Website graphic

Number Five

What Goes into A Custom Coded Website?

When selecting between having a website constructed by an expert web squad or using a model from a self-created site, money is a factor to think about. DIY builders may be economical to construct and keep up, but it may also appear so to your customers. So, what are the expenditures related to a custom-built website? All of these considerations are essential, but there is a wide range of costs connected with them. The cost of website design can range from $200 to $100,000. Some fees are for regular costs like upkeep and web hosting. Additional charges can be incurred if there are revisions or you need to add pages after the development is over. Some designers only handle certain areas of the build. So, you may need to employ several designers to fulfil your requirements. The Kreative Network is an all-inclusive designer and provides one-stop for all your needs.

Number SIX

Designing A site to fit your branding

Having identified the company that will construct your website to attract the attention of your intended audience, it is also important to establish what you want the website to appear like. Do you have the logo ready? Does it need to be represented in color or can it be displayed in black and white? Have you chosen a color scheme that will create the feeling you want customers to experience when they browse through your website? The Kreativ Network can create and reproduce whatever you would like to be presented in your website, but it is necessary to be aware of the desired outcome beforehand!

Website displayed across multiple screen sizes

Number Seven

Have a Marketing Strategy to use after implementing your site

It is essential to have a well-defined marketing plan from this point onward when it comes to your website. You must be able to articulate the plan and outline the timeline and tasks accordingly. You should have realistic expectations and achievable objectives. It is unlikely that you will observe a return on your marketing endeavors or investments within a few weeks, usually it takes 3-6 months. You will have to be flexible in the face of a changing market. You need to establish both short-term and long-term goals. It is prudent to be aware of the direction you want to take in the future, be it one year, two years, or even five or ten years down the line.

Team building a marketing strategy
Team building a marketing strategy