Logo for Great Lakes State Agency

4800 South Cedar Street
Lansing, Michigan 48910

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The Kreativ Network recently worked with Great Lakes Insurance Agency to build a new website to better position the company for success in the highly competitive insurance market. The project’s focus was to create a website optimized for search engine visibility, user experience, and future lead generation campaigns.

The Kreativ Network began the project by researching the insurance industry, Great Lakes Insurance Agency’s target market, and competitors. We also analyzed user behavior to understand how people interact with insurance websites and what features are most important to them. Based on this research, we developed a website design that was intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action encouraging users to engage with the company.

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Great Lakes State Agency website displayed on both a computer screen and iPhone screen

Kickstarting with a Strong Optimization Foundation

One of the critical priorities for the project was to ensure that the website was optimized for search engine visibility. We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that included keyword research, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. We also ensured that the website was built using best practices for technical SEO. Including clean code, proper header tags, and structured data markup.

Responsive Website Development

Another critical focus of the project was to create a fast and responsive website. We optimized the website’s code and images to ensure it loaded quickly on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We also tested the website extensively to ensure it was fully responsive and functioned flawlessly on all devices.

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Post Launch Improvements

After launching the website, we continued to monitor its performance and make improvements as needed. We tracked user behavior using analytics tools and adjusted the website’s design and content to improve engagement and conversion rates. As a result of our efforts, the website’s traffic and engagement metrics were significantly enhanced. Great Lakes Insurance Agency saw a significant increase in leads generated through the website.

Faster Load Times Means More Potential Users

One crucial metric we tracked was the website’s bounce rate, which measures the percentage of visitors leaving the website after viewing only one page. We found that visitors were much more likely to leave the website if it loaded slowly or if they encountered any technical issues. Our research showed that if a website takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of users will leave the site. By optimizing the website for speed and technical performance, we significantly reduced the bounce rate and kept users engaged with the website.

Overall, The Kreativ Network’s work with Great Lakes Insurance Agency succeeded. By focusing on SEO, user experience, and lead generation, we created a website that helped the company stand out in a crowded market and generate more business. The website’s fast load times and responsive design were crucial factors in its success. They helped to keep users engaged and improve the overall user experience.

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