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Professional Videography Services

Whether your creating memories that will last forever or you need to target your customers through a new promotional video or commercial. At Kreativ we can service everyone’s video request. When it comes to your video the sky is the limit. Contact us today to get started!

Promotional Video

Every organization has a backstory, a personality, and character. You are not just a logo that provides products and services. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to show your stuff and really shine for your audience. The personal connections made through video marketing build your credibility and authority not just with customers but with potential partners, vendors and the community in which your business operates. Captivate your audience with a compelling story while providing an informative message at the same time. Video marketing is a channel that grabs their attention because of the entertainment, information and level of interaction.

Discover What Video Marketing Can Do for Your Business

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Promotional Video Services

  • Scripting

  • Shooting

  • Custom graphics

  • Motion video production

  • Digital video production

  • Narration

  • Post production

DSLR camera filming promotional video
DSLR camera filming promotional video

Employee Training Videos

We have extensive experience creating ‘how to’ training videos. Train all your employees with minimal effort. Videos are a great way for your employees to learn a new job or enhance their skills as they take on new responsibilities. They are a cost effective option that can be utilized for a number of employees with a variety of skill sets.

From ethics to technical skills, one of our team members will discuss your vision to develop an appropriate outline and script for the purpose of your training video. We will present a finished product for your approval – we want the final look and feel to represent your company’s core values and ensure all key points are addressed to your satisfaction.

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Training Video Packages Include
  • Video Shooting

  • Script Writing

  • Story Boarding

  • Video Graphics

  • Video Editing

employee watching training video on laptop
employee watching training video on laptop

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