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Web Design With Room To Grow 

MiCannaCast is a cannabis-based podcast located in Pontiac, Michigan that produces audio content for its listeners. They wanted to expand their range to include blogs, videos, and a shop. MiCannaCast approached The Kreativ Network to develop a website that could organize its growing content while being easily accessible on mobile devices.

Women views MiCannaCast website from her mobile device.

Mobile-Friendly Approach

Our team at The Kreativ Network designed a mobile-friendly website for MiCannaCast that could organize their growing content in an easy-to-find way. The site was built using a responsive design approach that would enable the site to fit seamlessly across all devices. The website’s layout also allows the content to be easily searchable for users, making it easier to find what they want.

The new website features sections for each type of content, including a blog section for written content, a video section for visual content, and a shop section where users can purchase MiCannaCast branded products. In addition, we implemented a user-friendly interface, making it easier for listeners to access and subscribe to their podcasts on popular platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.

Increased User Engagement

The website development was successful, with MiCannaCast reporting increased user engagement and increased website traffic since the new site’s launch. By providing a mobile-friendly website that could organize its growing content, MiCannaCast expanded its reach and brought in new listeners.

The Kreativ Network team’s focus on a mobile-friendly and responsive design approach was vital to this project’s success. According to a report by Statista, mobile devices account for over half of all internet traffic worldwide. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website that can accommodate various screen sizes is essential for reaching the largest audience possible.

In Conclusion

The Kreativ Network built a website that showcased MiCannaCast’s content in an easy-to-find manner. This new website allowed for greater user engagement, increased traffic and expanded reach for MiCannaCast. By prioritizing responsive design and user experience, we helped MiCannaCast create an online presence to develop its content and connect with its listeners.