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Pet Stop is a canine fence company located in Troy, Michigan. They approached The Kreativ Network to design and develop a new website that could help them sell their products more effectively, and provide a convenient experience for their customers.

The website development aimed to create a responsive website with fast load times that could enable customers to purchase Pet Stop’s products online easily. The website needed to be integrated with a shopping cart and PayPal checkout to streamline the purchasing process for customers. It also was made easy to navigate with a clean design.

Lap and Phone on display with the shopping page from Pet Stop shown on the screens


The Kreativ Network designed a responsive website that made it easy for customers to find and purchase Pet Stop’s products online. We optimized the website for fast load times, ensuring customers can quickly find and buy the products they need.

The Kreativ Network integrated the website with a shopping cart and PayPal checkout to enable easy purchasing. This streamlined the purchasing process for customers, making ordering the products they consistently needed, like prongs and batteries, easier. Additionally, the shopping cart provides customers a convenient way to track and manage orders, enabling them to reorder when needed.


The website development significantly improved Pet Stop’s online sales and customer engagement. The responsive website design and fast load times helped reduce bounce rates and improve customer engagement. Additionally, the integration of the shopping cart and PayPal checkout helped streamline the purchasing process for customers.

The Kreativ Network’s website development for Pet Stop was a success, helping the canine fence company sell its products more effectively and improve customer engagement. The website was designed with a modern, responsive design and intuitive navigation, allowing customers to easily find the products they are looking for. All in all, The Kreativ Network helped create a successful website that exceeded Pet Stop’s expectations.